Resume Matching Service (RMS)

The World’s Most Robust A.I. Matching Engine!
RMS screens and matches resumes with posted jobs in split seconds


Automated Screening

Uploaded resumes are screened and shortlisted instantly, so you know exactly which candidate to contact first. RMS is an excellent addition to how your company collects resume information extract data. You can match candidates with jobs that you have already posted and then simply invite them to apply to these positions.

A.I. Matching Engine

Elevatus A.I. matching is the world’s only matching engine that works EXACTLY like human recruiters work. Elevatus A.I. Matching understands jobs and resumes exactly like humans do, to the same extent that humans do, and then matches and ranks them exactly like humans do—but a thousand times faster. It’s a completely cloud-based SaaS available for use immediately with nothing to install and almost no programming.

Product Features

A.I. candidate matching

Match CVs with job vacancies using our A.I. recommender.

1000x higher efficiency

Say goodbye to manual data-entry. Drag and drop your résumés.

Multi-lingual capabilities

Supports 17 languages including English, French and German.


Sort CVs by diversity based on the duration spent on each job.

Data are extracted automatically

Supports many filetypes including PDF, DOCX and HTML

Instant Duplicate

CVs are hashed and duplicates are automatically flagged.

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