Video Assessment

Personality Analysis + Powerful Assessment + Artificial Intelligence + ATS Integration.
All the features you need in one place!


Streamline Candidate Screening

This powerful yet intuitive assessment tool can be used for multiple applications such as recruitment, training, assessment, and testing. It allows you to understand the true potential of candidates and measure their skills and abilities.


One-Way Video Interview

Send out your invitations via our mobile-friendly platform or use an open interview link and your candidates can instantly start their interviews using their laptops, tablets or mobile phones.


Build your interview

Determine the questions you want your candidates to respond to in their one-way video assessment.

  Create up to 10 questions and add an introduction video.
  Limit think time, control how long a candidate can think about their answer before recording
  Control the number of allotted takes and restrict max answer length
  Save your question sets as templates so they can be easily re-used for future interviews
  Set a deadline for submission
  Specify the assessment language


A.I. Driven Assessment

Elevatus leverages artificial intelligence within a video assessment to collect key candidate’s insights that will be analysed by our home-brew machine learning algorithms and generate a highly accurate personality report. Our scientifically validated approach allows you to quickly prioritize candidates and ensure you engage with the highest quality candidates first.

Applicant Tracking System

The Video Assessment Software is integrated to an appealing “kanban” style board that allows you to keep track of progress and categorize applications.

  Create pipelines and add as many sub-accounts as you'd like to assist in the hiring process
  Rate and comment on the interviews to determine which candidates make your shortlist
  Contact applicants and insert notes for each application
  Use intuitive candidate management features such as rejections or tagging to stay organized


Product Benefits

Capture Revealing Insights

Videos are highly informative as they provide cues on body language and communication skills.

Reduce Decision Times

Swiftly send online assessments, capture timely responses and make your decisions with ease.

A.I. Personality Analysis

No more written psychometric tests, personality reports are generated using AI and machine learning.

Create Consistent

Establish a fair interview process so all candidates answer the same questions under the same conditions.

Make Interviewing Convenient

Empower recruiters with busy schedules to interview candidates at a time that best suits them.

Create a Personalized Journey

Invite candidates to a branded, mobile-friendly jounrey and position yourself as a progressive organization.

GDPR Compliance

Elevatus complies with the regulations of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Drill down into your own data to screen talent and know your audience.

Cross-Platform Support

Allow candidates to take assessments on desktop, tablet and phone without installing an app.


Your data are secured and backed up regularly so you can rest knowing your data are safe.

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